Friday, February 17, 2012

Nordic by Nature @ by:Larm Pt. I

You know we are at by:Larm in Oslo right now and yesterday was the first round seeing new and great Scandinavian artists. After getting officially started with our loved girls Noora (Kaiku Studios) and Emma (LCMDF), we picked out some bands we wanted to see and arrived here:


Yeah, Alfred Hall has probably everything to become big. 2 good looking thinker guys putting a real band around them and producing nice electronic pop. Let's hope it was a good choice to pick a major label like Sony. 


We have seen Mmm in this very small place called 'Gamla'. You know these places where you imagine some fucked up versions of Lebowski smashing their heads on the billard table. So about Mmm... happened mostly what we expected: we became fans of their very minimalistic but very sexy live show. We enjoyed seeing them in front of only 30 people, but only since we know that those girls will make it big one day.


When you enter a Korallreven concert, it seems everything smells like Sweden in there. Korallreven are certainly the pioneers of the new Swedish Wave which is defined by an electronic, dreamy and melancholic sound. And yeah, shorts are probably the best idea to spend a February in Oslo. 


We love Hanne Kolstø's song 'The City' and we couldn't wait to see her at by:Larm. When other artists put on a massive show, Hanne is more the nature kind 'a girl, standing there with herself and a small casio. Let's say singer/songwriter stuff, only good. We love her, cause she is real and always finds ways for us to have to stare at her constantly. 


Icona Pop have been featured on the Kitsuné sampler with their song 'Manners' and we picked them for our list of the most promising artists in 2012. And yo, we were right. Actually we have expected them to be totally pathetic and arrogant... but we got disappointed in a good way. By the way, 'Jäger' is the perfect place to show clubby bands. We are looking forward to see more from them in the future.


Iceage were nominated for the Nordic Music Price and in general this band is hyped like the Kilimandscharo. Yesterday we have seen them playing live in a church and the band has this special 70's punk attitude and sound like Joy Division, only that we are in 2012. Earlier it would have been Tony Wilson who had picked them, today it's XL Recordings. Fortunately they didn't win, we like them innocent. 


Dante is the drummer of The Concretes but instead of drumming he is singing as Dante. He is bringing a new Swedish vibe in the game. by:Larm describes him as a mix between Phil Collins and The Weekend, we would purely say New Indie R&B.

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