Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nordic by Nature @ by:Larm - Pt. II


Siinai were this year's nominees for the Nordic Music Prize and are seen as one of the most promising bands from Finland. Some of them have played in Joensuu 1685 and play in our favs Zebra and Snake. (We didn't get to manage a real photo, so we improved a little...)


Husky Rescue invited us into their world of magic and sound. Even more fantastic with their new singer Johanna Kalén, they are another great example of how awesome Finland's music scene is these days. 


Bendagram is a new up and coming band from Kaiku Studios and are the perfect band to describe the current Finnish Wave. Nirvana voice covered by edgy electronic beats is a sound we can't resist. We see enormous things happening for this band in the future. 


The New Tigers are on Helsinki based label Soliti. A label that brings out nothing but good taste. People are pretty excited about them in Finland right now and we thought they lived up to it. 


People like to call Simian Ghost as intelligent Pop. We might be one of them.


Donkeyboy should definitely go run for Norway on the next Eurovision Song Contest. When a 14 year old male singer with a zebra shirt, green pants and Jerry Seinfeld sneakers invites his loser school mates and two female background singer to start a pop band made out of tackiness and bad taste, we can only congratulate. Donkeyboy are Tokio Hotel from Norway.

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