Monday, February 20, 2012

Nordic by Nature @ by:Larm Pt.III

Hi guys, our by:Larm adventure had to stop at some point. We are happy to be back in Berlin but don't want to forget to judge about the last day in Oslo. All in all this year's by:Larm was amazing, we have met so many great new and old friends, discovered some new artists, were disappointed by some. But in the end we realized, we have the most awesome job in the world with Nordic by Nature because Scandinavian music is the shit! 


Bands who are showing up with a Bergen Backline, can win our hearts in a second. Sometimes you just rather wanna make out with Steve-O than Ryan Gosling.

BRILLIANCE NIGHT (Leif and the Future, Giana Factory, Rich Thane DJ Set)

We are in love with Leif and also this time nothing could really distract our intense feelings about him. Leif and the Future is Pop music how you imagine it to be. Instead of having a whole band, Leif minimized his band down to 3 people and look who is in there: Hans Jørgen from Heroes & Zeros. We wanna hear more from you, man!


Giana Factory consist of three good looking women who seem to have left rubbish behind long ago. Their music is dark and frozen with a real electronic touch and you can't decide who to rather stare at in the end.


Rich Thane is the main editor at the English blog The Line of the Best Fit and is one of those people with a real clue about music, especially when we talk Scandinavian music. We caught him playing two Museum of Bellas Artes Songs in a row, but who can dare to do that if not Rich Thane. Looking forward to hang out soon again, dude!


Whenever we play Den Svenska Björnstammen on the dancefloor, people come up to us and ask who that is. This new band from Sweden reminds of a mixture between Familjen and Cirque du Soleil. 


Everybody goes wild for their song Speeddance. Reptile Youth's new album is coming out soon this year and is co-produced by Kasper Bjørke who also discovered Oh Land. Let's see what happens, the boys seemed a bit tired at their show but we haven't lost our hopes that Reptile Youth can become the new cool thing from Denmark. 

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