Friday, April 20, 2012


Since we heard about INGRID, we are wondering if it's true that Indie is becoming the new mainstream with Sweden as the new trendsetter. In our current radio show we have a talk with Vanbot about it. But anyways, INGRID VOLYM 1 will be out on April 21 on Record Store Day. The compilation features all the founder artists like Lykke Li, Miike Snow, Peter Björn and John, The Teddybears and much more.

Ingrid Volume 1:
01 Lykke Li: "Come Near"
02 Hortlax Cobra: "Berlin"
03 MtheM: "River"
04 Coco Morier: "Afterlife"
05 Karlsson & Winnberg: "Hearts Beating Weak" [ft. Little Majorette]
06 Les Big Byrd: "Streams of Unconsciousness" [Tomassey 101 Skulls Versoin]
07 Smile: "Clean Gloves, Dirty Hands"
08 Andrew Wyatt: "It Won't Let You Go"
09 The Chinamen: "Two Klump"
10 Yttling Jazz: "Cuban Lips"
11 Peter Morén: "Say My Name"
12 Little Majorette: "Taken Back"
13 Electrocute: "My Tube Top"
14 Max Von Sydow: "Le Bateleur"
15 Starlight Serenaders: "Summer Drone"

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