Friday, April 20, 2012

Zebra and Snake - Album Launch Party 'Healing Music'

Nordic by Nature & Kaiku Studios & Valve Magazine 
present the Album Launch Party for:

Z E B R A ♢ A N D ♢ S N A K E - - - H E A L I N G ♢ M U S I C

L I V E : Z E B R A ♢ A N D ♢ S N A K E
D J S: K A I K U S T U D I O S ♢ N O R D I C B Y N A T U R E

16.5. / Marie-Antoinette

The life of Fins is apparently harder and more torturous than the life of other people. One day two school mates named Tapio and Matti aka The Zebra and the Snake sat together to finally fin(n)ish their life's paleness. They started to create music together. But dude! This was not only music, it turned out to be healing music. That is also why Zebra and Snake sound more emotional and more heart breaking than other bands. With their clubby sound, the two Fins belong to the currently most exciting Scandinavian bands who can achieve more with their music than we actually expect, cuz this is Healing Music.

The album 'Healing Music' comes out in Germany on May 11.
The single 'Money in Heaven' comes out in Germany on May 4. 

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