Friday, May 11, 2012

II in I - Hanne Kolstø and Zebra and Snake releasing their albums today in Germany!

Today is a day to celebrate cause two of the current most interesting Scandinavian artists are releasing their album in Germany.


Since she played at Record Store Day on April 21 in Germany and her show last weekend at Spot Festival the media is creating love poems about Hanne Kolstø. No wonder! Her voice is magical and her sound amazingly odd and melodic at the same time. We love her with Thelma and Clyde but we also love her solo. Her album 'Riot Break' is getting released in Germany today. We also have a little TVFT remix of 'The City' for you guys here.

Get Hanne Kolstø - Riot Break on Itunes 


Matti und Tapio from Zebra and Snake belong to the new trendsetters of a clubby European sound. Their live show is always a happening and now they banned their mystical energy on one album with healing music. We are presenting the Album release party of 'Healing Music' on May 16 at Marie-Antoinette in Berlin together with Kaiku Studios. 

Get Zebra and Snake - Healing Music on Itunes

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