Monday, May 7, 2012

Nordic by Nature @ Spot Festival - Pt. II


We saw Freja Loeb at the Vulcano Show. First of all you can do everything right by serving Gazpacho. Freja Loeb was cool. We still don't know what to think of this long red leather coat to the left. But with Gazpacho soup in your mouth, the world is a quite terrific place anyways. 


The Store Sal at Spot Festival is not only hosting the big fat artists, it's also the perfect place to get some rest (seats) or take a little nap. Although we were pretty awake when Marybell Katastrophy performed their mash-up show with the German Nils Frahm. We had a talk with the band afterwards and we must say it feels always so good when you meet artists who can also impress you with their personality. 


Since we saw Imogen Heap with her sampling voices live show, we always wanted to grow up and become a pretty awesome artist like her. Good... things went differently, now we rather judge artists than be one. But listen, everything is good, Hannah Schneider can do the job for us. She entertained us big time with her talent and loveliness on stage.  


This was epic. Before his show we bragged about Asbjørn as the new hype from Denmark and the new discovery by Nordic by Nature. We told everyone at the festival to see his show and people seemed to wanting to listen to us. So then came the show and we couldn't close our mouths (probably even a bit drooling). Asbjørn combines everything that the world was waiting for: talent, looks and dance moves. This man is only 19 years old and has given us an emotional experience of what music can do with you, and this happens only sometimes in your life. 


At the end of Spot Festival a girl came up to us and asked us if we were Nordic by Nature. Teresa said yes and this girl gave her this wonderful piece of art with a thank you for our support. She didn't want us to tell who she was. We went up to the hotel and put in the code for the download and it turned out to be Lotte Rose, an electronic pop artist from Aarhus that we posted about here on our blog. Thank you Lotte!

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