Friday, June 1, 2012

B E R L I N ☀ M I D S O M M A R on 21.6.

The summer time in Scandinavia is short and precious. So precious that the longest day of the year is celebrated with a big juicy party - Midsommar. Everyone is coming together to dance, to sing, to drink nubbe, to laugh, to eat sill, to make out and to create pretty flower wreaths for each other. The sun stays up all day and all night to keep an eye on all her pretty daughters and sons. 

Nordic by Nature and Norr Magazine are bringing Midsommar to Berlin this year. We have prepared a program for you filled with music, games and football. 
B E R L I N ☀ M I D S O M M A R will take place in and outside of Flamingo.

Check our Berlin Midsommar Blog for more infos. Or go to our Facebook

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