Thursday, June 14, 2012

Husky Rescue - Deep Forest Green (EP) out on July 6 in Germany

Already the name sounds like North, frosty winds and sparkling mountains. The name shouldn't be too unknown for the most of you. Since 2002 the Finnish band Husky Rescue is cheering us up with their folky and soft voices and noises. Now back with the new Swedish singer Johanna KalĂ©n, Anthony Bentley and Marko Nyberg are getting even more intimate and natural on their new EP Deep Forest Green which will be released digitally in Germany on July 6. We have featured the song Deep Forest Green on our current Monki Mozik Mixtape which you can hear in all Monki stores around the world in June 2012 and on our Strawberry Green Mixtape. Husky Rescue will be playing at our B E R L I N ☀ M I D S O M M A R  on June 21 at Flamingo. 

Download the single 'Deep Forest Green' for free!

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