Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nordic by Nature goes America

Yes, we already count the days until our airplane heads off to New York! 
Preparations are running wild for our summer party there, where we team
up with The Swede Beat! August in this amazing city is boiling hot, so
rooftop barbecues, mini skirts and iced margaritas are a must have! Two
Swedish power houses will perform at our party: Torild and Kissey Asplund, who had some fun with Keine Musik boys Rampa and Re.You for the track "Say My Name"! More infos about location, date, very soon...keep your pretty eyes open, you can win some special stuff from the Big Apple too!
OH, and when you happen to be there this Friday, go to the Tribeca Grand Hotel where The Swede Beat hosts a Niki and the Dove free live show! 

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