Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Highasakite - Indian Summer

The first time we googled "highasakite" we got out DMX being high as a kite. The second time we googled "highasakite", we fortunately finally got the right answer to our question: Highasakite. This band has made big steps in the last few months and ja sure, there is a reason for this. Inspired by Lykke Li and the movie 'Where The Wild Things Are', Ingrid Helene and her band are showing us musical universes that are hard to find. Ingrid's voice and attitude have trapped us into a glimmering and very faithful addiction to Highasakite's music. The Norwegian press glorifies their Highasakite EP as the best release in 2012. Luckily the EP will be soon out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, on August 20th via Riot Factory. And while celebrating this, we give away a free download of the beautiful single 'Indian Summer' here. 

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