Monday, August 20, 2012

Watch 4 It: No.1

"Watch 4 It", put together with music blog Pole 2 Pole, is a 4-track compilation in which we present impressive unknown artists, before hidden from bigger audience, but now discovered from down depths of SoundCloud's complex universe.

Kasket Club - Norwegian Indie pop duo founded by Tobias & Thomas less than two months ago. Their first album was released 30th of July, and it's a self titled 5-track collection of extremely catchy indie electronics with touch of chillwave influences. It's available in Bandcamp by name your price method. 

Woodz - A very promising downtempo electro and beat producer Fredrik Eriksson from Stockholm. He has already released three stunning beat tapes and the latest "For You" single was out last July. All releases are available free at Bandcamp.

Posttod - Experimental electro duo by Kevin Mortensen and Hayk Ananyan according to the info at their Facebook site. They released a 7-track "Moon" EP end of last year, which is an absolute masterpiece in different textures of dark ambient and organic electronics. While waiting for new releases you can download wonderful Moon album for free at their SoundCloud page. 

The Shy LipsEmerging Indie rock group from Gothenburg founded February 2012. These skillful guys influenced by modern Brit pop, released an impressive self titled EP in April which is free for everyone to download at Bandcamp

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