Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nordic by Nature x Reeperbahn Festival 2012

We will fly to Reeperbahnfestival on 20.09.-22.9. in Hamburg. Therefor we present 10 Scandinavian candies who play there and we are willing to get rad with. And we make all this a little bit more fun for you guys. We are giving away 10 Nordic by Nature bags to 10 lucky winners. You only have to write us to and tell us which of those 10 artists your personal favourite is. The bag will be waiting for the lucky winner at each of your fave band's concert at Reeperbahnfestival. 

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Hanne Kolstø (NO)

80's New Wave electro sounds, brilliant song writing and striking vocals are combined in Hanne Kolstø's fresh music from Southern Norway's Kristiansand. We presented Hanne Kolstø live in Berlin and will keep on rolling with it this time in Hamburg as well. We adore this woman!

Spleen United (DK)

Spleen United are known for being amazingly powerful on stage. They really make the dancefloor explode with their catchy and gloomy Rock-Electro beats. Spleen United are a good balance between a band with success but still down-to-earth coolness. The new Spleen United EP is coming out 21.9. in Germany and we will celebrate into this big day with the band's live performance.

Zebra and Snake (FI)

Zebra and Snake are said to be the most powerful when performing on stage.
British 80's music has clearly influenced this cool and airy sounding duo with strong vocals and retro synths. Tapio and Matti are creating 'Healing Music' just like a zebra and a snake is supposed to do. 

The Eclectic Moniker (DK)

The Eclectic Moniker is a sound collective consisting of 7 musicians. Their music reminds us of something we haven't heard for a while: Dreamy melancholy and curious melodies that floats to the marimba tones and guitar ornaments. Happy and easy-going South Pacific atmosphere done in an indie and cool way. Their song 'Easter Island' will take you to the beach drinking mojitos and chilling with your friends. 

Indians (DK)

Sadness is shown in a very beautiful way in this new wavy melancholia that surrounds the music of Indians. While listening to the new single 'Magic Kids', you get a sinking sensation that happens only when something really touches you. Indians have been signed by 4AD, and their international acclaim is growing as we speak.

Asbjørn (DK)

Asbjørn is the new sprout from Denmark with carefully thought-through arrangements and stylish Disco Pop tones. It's modern synth sounds and unique vocals, separating it from many other acts that can be classified as ”80's electro done once again”. Asbjørn is seriously making our hearts beatin' bongo. We wanna be lying in the flippin' gutter with you, man! 

Vinnie Who (DK)

Like a more gentle version of MGMT, Vinnie Who takes you to the dance floor in a very classy way. Hits like 'What You Got Is Mine' and 'Remedy' are sure killers. We have been fans of Vinnie Who from the very beginning and had him live with us at our Scandinavian Disco in Berlin. This dude is terrific just like the dance skills of his band. Don't miss Vinnie Who's Comeback at Head Crash!

Rangleklods (DK)

Rangleklods is an intriguing mix of Ian Curtis-like male vocals and house riffs put together in a gloomy and dramatic way. Rangleklods aka Danish multi-instrumentalist Esben Andersen is known for his exhilarating live performances. Rangleklods belongs to our "Scandinavian Faves Forever" list and will probably always be, unless he would be collaborating with Skrillex. And this is something he is never gonna do. No!

Dante (SE)

Dante Kinnunen, the drummer of the Swedish pop band The Concretes is taking over a new area with his R'n'B single 'Won't Go'. By sampling Adele in a smooth and cool way Dante is creating something completely new and dark with simple piano riffs, drum beats and echo-infused vocals. 

Icona Pop (SE)

Swedish electro duo Icona Pop are an exploding pack of energy and 90's bitches. What makes their sound unique, are the fat and very progressive house-like bass riffs and fat beats that switch you on a party mode after only a few measures of the single 'I Love It'. Definitely the hottest internationally upcoming artist from Sweden right now. 

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