Friday, September 28, 2012

Watch 4 It No.3

Today is the day to introduce you guys with four new talented underground producers. Time for third episode of Watch 4 It! and we are going for electro experimental! 

Mönster is a glitchy-hop producer from Uppsala Sweden, and his stunning beat track 'Kalimba' together with some truly impressive songs on Cloud totally grabbed our attention. There's no other info to share with you, but here's a civilizing detail; mönster is a Swedish word for pattern/patterns actually.  

Let's go and get some ice cream then! Audialist's track 'Glassbil' means ice cream truck, and in the beginning of this sweetness you can hear familiar sound of that memory from childhood. Be sure to check out this talented 16-years old electronics producer from Stockholm at SoundCloud.

Blueberry are a unknown act reaching from Denmark. They released lovely experimental 4-track EP this month which is available for steaming over at their Bandcamp page. 

Valgeir Sigurðsson a is producer, composer, musician & engineer/mixer as well as the founder of the Bedroom Community label and Greenhouse Studios in Iceland. He creates experimental, ambient and electronics soundscapes with that cool organic touch. Track 'Big Reveal' is from his third LP 'Architecture of Loss' which is also available digitally at Bandcamp.


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