Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nordic by Nature for Indie Heroes - Saturday, 10.11.

This Saturday our DJ friends from Wasted Ruffians are celebrating their 3rd anniversary and use this day to give away the Indie Hero DJ crown. Just like last year the audience can also this year vote their favorite DJ at Indie Heroes at Bi Nuu. There will be live acts and la creme de la creme of Berlin Indie culture. Our DJ set will be on the main stage from 2.00-3.00. Yay!
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The Mouse Folk *live*
Children *live*

Karrera Klub
Wasted Ruffians
King Kong Kicks 
Nordic by Nature
Young and Lost
Sascha Schlegel
Musikexpress Dj-Team
British Music Club
Team Recorder
Popmonitor Dj-Team
Herr Lhmnn & Herr Wdl
A Design for Life
Stella Star und der Sommer
The Geek Pie 

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