Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BROKE feat. MØ - 'Let The Youth Go Mad' (Interview)

We interviewed Broke and about their new video for 'Let The Youth Go Mad'.

Can you give us some info about the video?

Mads Bergland/ Broke: The lead actor in the video is Tobias Dahl Larsen, a Danish jumpstyle champion. We found this totally average college dorm in Copenhagen, where you could just imagine an underground jumpstyle competition taking place. Some cool girls we know had some kind of party in the room, to make it look really trashed and Ian Isak Ploug Ochoa, the director came up with the idea of the whole plot. We made the video within two days of filming.

What is the story in it?
Simon Littauer/ Broke:  It's a story about this young boy who wakes up in a party-trashed apartment. Then he has flashbacks from the night before, when he was taking part in an underground jumpstyle competition. We wanted to portray in the video our feelings about the confusion of being young - to show the emotions, the confusion, the craziness and love of today's youth.

Mads Bergland: MØ wrote the lyrics of the song, and they contain the same feelings and atmosphere like the video does.

What is your relationship with ΜØ?
Simon Littauer: MØ is a very good and inspiring friend. We first heard of her 5 years ago, when she was playing in a punk band called MOR. We attended one of her first shows as MØ. At that time her stuff was harder and dirtier. We have worked a lot of times together, but with this track we wanted to get her back to this point where she was, when we first fell in love with her and her music.

How was the experience of working together on this track?

Karen Marie Ørsted/MØ: It was a very cool and relaxed process. I've worked with Broke before and I love hanging out with Mads and Simon.. so it was just like chilling and having fun with something you love to do working with them.

What do you think about Broke's music?
Karen:  I love it. The energy and the mood is very intense, and I can relate a 100% to Broke's universe.. Sound and visual appearance - it's all good.

This is a bit different type of music than your usual stuff. How do you relate to it?
Karen: When MØ started in 2009 my sound was a mix of trashy electro and "crap-rap", so it was easy to bring back the "crunky slobby" rap thing.. And the rowdiness in the chorus is just a true pleasure. I would love to do chorus like that some more.

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