Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Premiere: Kid Astray - Hey Sister

Kid Astray is a so called happy mood band, made out of happy, young and fit teenagers who use their cosy Oslo background to become great musicians. Five months have passed since the six members of this infinite indie-pop collective Kid Astray somewhat infamously wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered their debut single 'The Mess' in only six hours. Since then, the group of hot young teenagers have spent most of their time in a dingy basement in the Norwegian capital recording the handful of songs that make up their debut EP, fittingly entitled ”Easily Led Astray”. The tracks are a credit to the brilliant songwriting and musicianship that lies within this talented bunch, and takes you on a journey through heavy 80’s like synth landscapes, britpoppy guitars and solid vocal harmonies. "Easily Led Astray” is gonna be released on Brilliance Records on March 15th and here you get served a taste as a Nordic by Nature Premiere including download.

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