Monday, April 8, 2013

Artist of the Week - Dinner (DK)

Dinner is the moniker for Danish producer and singer Anders Rhedin. His songs are all about girls and destruction. The Divine Feminine. Dinner is a good friend, a friend who's physical appearance seems like quite the NorthEuropean cliché: he’s thin, blue-eyed, polite and his music definitely calls on Euro-references as well: Icy traces of Joy Division and echoes of Nico-ish phrasing come together with Eno-esque melody-lines and occasional kraut-like motifs. Also, there is Dinner's crazy interest in the occult which lets him dance with a long coat. All this makes us huge followers of an artist that seems to can do things in life. Dinner's EP with the surprising name 'Girl' will be released on April 29th via LOOKING FORWARD and we will host the release party together with No Fear Of Pop. You can sign up for free guestlist here

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