Thursday, April 4, 2013

Exclusive Premiere: Goldie Chorus - Desire

Today is the day when we premiere the first Goldie Chorus video. We discovered this danish guy a couple of weeks ago, stalked him down, made him artist of the week and forced him to give us the premiere of his first video. So here we are: video premiere. You are wondering, who the f is Goldie Chorus and why is this girl so keen about all this? Goldie Chorus is a one-man project, it is Emil from Copenhagen. For him Goldie Chorus is a place where he can feel free and where everything is possible and nothing wrong. Besides Goldie Chorus, Emil plays in Indians, ja so now you wow. So what is his new song 'Desire' even about? "It is about desire. The desire for many things. A desire for a girl, for music, for love - and also a desire to be someone/something else, just for a day. Hmm.. Just the feeling you feel, when everything burns inside – Good or bad." We are AGAIN heavily agreeing to this. God this dude is killing us. 

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