Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Artist of the Week - Alice Boman (SE)

The story of Alice Boman sounds like 'big dream come true'. Magnus Bjerkert's (Adrian Recordings) friend Emil from Malmö recording studio “Studio Möllan” came along with a girl he thought Magnus should listen to. Magnus rarely listens to demos nowadays but he made an exception. And so time just stopped… Alice Boman is a very new and not yet completely revealed singer-songwriter (no press pic) from Sweden. She will be releasing her first EP 'Skisser' tomorrow worldwide. 'Skisser' means Sketches and that's some kind of what the EP is. The songs on 'Skisser' were recorded in Alice's house and were never meant to be heard by anyone. But Adrian Recordings brought them into life. Alice will soon record her next EP at “Studio Möllan” in Malmö getting rhythm support by Tom and Adam from also Malmö band and label colleagues This Is Head

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