Monday, May 27, 2013

Artist of the Week & Worldwide Video Premiere - Mont Oliver (DK)

Surprise: We like boys who can sing. We really do! That's why we have picked Mont Oliver as our Artist of the Week? Yes maybe. Maybe also cause we want them to be the new Danish band sensation? Maybe also cause we know they are the new Danish band sensation? Three guys, one normal voice plus one creepy Tyler The Creator look-a-like voice, terrific instruments, signed to a Fake Diamond. Mont Oliver give evidence that the Scandinavia of today has more to offer than well done Electro Pop and over thinking sentimental artist percussion. Mont Oliver - this is where The Bronx meets the West Coast of Jutland. Mont Oliver - this is where Nordic by Nature high fives the new hope of the Danish music scene. Keep your eyes and ears wide open people! This can be unbelievably good. And yes, they are very pretty as well. 

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