Friday, May 31, 2013

New sommar mixtape out today!

To get you guys prepared for Berlin Midsommar Festival on June 21 we are happy to present you our new sommar 2013 mixtape. Listen and download!

Sprutbass - Schengen-Funk (NO)
Kate Boy - The Way We Are (SE)
iamamiwhoami (Moby Remix) - y (SE)
Alice Boman - Waiting (SE)
Sandra Kolstad - Titanic II (Oh How We Waited For This Moment) (NO)
Rough Days For Diamond Trade - Somehow (DK)
Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine (UNKWON remix) (DK)
Mont Oliver - White Sheets (DK)
When Saints Go Machine - Iodine (DK)
Georgian Waters - Dead In No Time (SE)
Lowing - I Will Wait For You (SE)
Tôg - Når me våkne opp imårå (Snasen remix) (NO)
Dinner - Overtake (DK)
Halasan Bazar - Live Without Love (NO/DK/UK/AUS)
Anton Kristiansson - Som blommor (med Timbuktu & Xenia Kriisin) (SE)
Taragana Pyjarama - RAR (DK)
CTM - Variations (DK)
Bwoy De Bhajan - Global Aztec Civilization (DK)
Lisa Alma - J.T. (DK)
Aves - Sunkissed (FI)
The New Spring - Who Do You Love? (DK)
Nordpolen - Gryningen kom med ett dån (SE)
Yast - Yast (SE)

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