Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Premiere: Tôg - Når me våkne opp imårå (Snasen remix)

We got the good news for you: Tôg are back. And even better with a new album. Ever since Norway had fallen in sick love with the band and their last record 'Drøm' including hot hit songs such as 'Sansen' and 'Reint Mel (i Påsen Din)', Tôg belong to the big promising names in Scandinavia. Tôg's new album will be called 'Feiring' and gets released this upcoming fall on Brilliance. So what is to expect? Apparently a shameless party with New-York disco, Kraftwerk-references, Balearic club music and elements of 90's R `n `b. Pardonne moi? Those girls over here can't wait u know. Until then we premiere the Snasen remix of Tôg's first single 'Når me våkne opp imårå'. 

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