Friday, June 14, 2013

Anton Kristiansson's Top 5 Places in Göteborg

Anton Kristiansson is a very popular rap indie artist from Göteborg. Even though his music is weird as fuck, he plays headliner shows at big festivals in Sweden. To introduce Anton Kristiansson hyper authentically, we asked him about his TOP 5 places in Göteborg, the city where he exists. Don't miss Anton next week at our Berlin Midsommar Festival

    Cafe Hängmattan
    By far the best café in Gothenburg. I've been going here since i was like 13 years old. I wrote my whole first album here.

    Dubbel Dubbel
    Great dumplings (not too expensive) and good music. Lots of nice dj's during the weekends aswell.

    Elis Corner
    A local 7-eleven in Majorna who recently broke up with the franchise and became independent. Now they bought a espresso machine and sell local musicians merchandise. Gotta love it.

    Al Rafiden
    A meat shop and döner-place located in Hammarkullen, a suburb to Gothenburg. Best döner and kebab you can get.

    All open air parties
    Gothenburg probably has the best open air parties in Sweden. The Aniara record label used to throw great parties before they all moved to Berlin but the scene lives on and a theres a lot of good stuff during the summertime.

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