Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Göteborg Paper Chase - Answers

Our Berlin Midsommar Festival last Friday was a living dream. About 1000 people visited P.O.P., joined the flower wreath workshop, danced around the maypole and watched scandinavian bands and djs. Besides all this we invited you to join our paper chase competition where you could win a trip to Göteborg (including travel and ****hotel for 2ppl). First of all we are congratulating the winner Katrin Rettel and the person of her choice! We also wanna thank all the others who ran with us through this puzzle. Here are the answers of the paper chase about Göteborg.

Which of the following is not a nickname for Göteborg?

1 – Götet
X – The Little Apple
2 – Little London

What’s the name of the amusement park in Göteborg?

1 – Liseberg
X – Eliseberg
2 – Lotteberg

Which of the following bands/artists are not from Göteborg?

1 – José González
X – The Knife
2 – Icona Pop

Every year the biggest Scandinavian Film Festival: The Gothenburg International Film Festival, takes place in Göteborg. What’s the name of the biggest cinema theatre in Göteborg?

1 – Draken
X – Artisten
2 – Stora Teatern

What’s the name of the biggest pop music festival in Göteborg?

1 – Way Out West
X – Way Out North
2 – Way Out East

Which band/artist is the biggest music export (financially speaking) from Göteborg?

1 – The Knife
X – Ace of Base
2 – Roxette

The archipelago of Göteborg is a popular place for a day trip. It has over 10.000 islands of beautiful pink cliffs. Where can you take the boat to easily reach the southern parts of the archipelago?

1 – Saltholmen
X – Varholmen
2 – Brännholmen

Göteborg is the home of one very hedonistic temple, loved by the locals. What is it’s name?

1 – The Crab Mosque
X – The Fish Church
2 - The Shrimp Synagoge

Göteborg has a lot of great street food. What’s a typical street food dish you get at 5 in the morning on your way home in Göteborg?

1 – Renskav i polarbröd (Raindeer wrap)
X – Smördeg med laxrom och vispad grädde (Pastry with salmon roe and whipped cream)
2  – Halv special med räksallad (Hot dog with mashed potatoes and shrimp salad)

One of Göteborg’s most famous landmarks is:

1 – The Poseidon Statue
X – The Little Mermaid Statue

2 – The Thor Statue

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