Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Halasan Bazar - Wondering Why

Halasan Bazar are the Rolling Stones of the 21st Century Docks and we have good news: Besides our Midsommar Festival on Friday, the band will come on tour in Germany playing grand ones like Fusion and Torstrassenfestival. 'Wondering Why' is the new hit single which is to find on Halasan Bazar's current album Space Junk.

21. Juni Berlin @ Midsummer Festival @ Party Obsessed People
22. Juni Münster @ Eule
23. Juni Brussels Oh My Garden
25. Juni Kassel @ Magic Garden III
26. Juni Hamburg Universität der Nachbarschaften (UdN)
28. Juni Larz @ Fusion Festival
12. Juli July - 14 July Prague @ CREEPY TEEPEE FESTIVAL, 
20. Juli Leipzig @ Festival L´Abore
21. Juli Berlin @ Wowsville (with The Felines)
10. Aug Copenhagen MUSIKDAGEN @ CPH Cable Park
31. Aug Berlin Torstraßen Festival 

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